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ZEETIN founder bags another award

The founder of Zeetin Engineering, Azibaola Robert, FNSE, is receiving his letter of ‘Notification of Award’, flanked on his right by the chairman of the Editorial Board of Vanguard, Ochereome Nnana, and Regional Editor (North) Soni Daniel. Extreme left is the Business Editor, Emeka Anaeto.

Vanguard Media has nominated the founder of Zeetin Engineering, Azibaola Robert, FNSE, an awardee of the ‘Innovator of the Year 2021’. This is contained in a letter delivered to him in his Abuja office on Wednesday, 23rd February 2022, by Vanguard delegation, led by the chairman of its Editorial Board, Ochereome Nnana.

Entitled: ‘VANGUARD'S PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR AWARDS 2021: The INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR: NOTIFICATION OF AWARD’ the letter reads: “This award is in recognition of your exceptional contributions to nation-building, particularly in the automotive and technological fabrication sector of the Nigerian economy.”

“The philosophy of this award is to recognise and celebrate Excellence, National Pride and Service to Humanity,” Vanguard said. “As Original Equipment Manufacturer, OEM, who has taken the gauntlet to produce strategic machines and spare parts for the automobile, aeronautical and oil and gas industries in Nigeria, you have through your company Zeetin Engineering Ltd, significantly changed the story of industrialisation and technological development in the country and given hope for a new Nigeria.”

The newspaper continued: “Your strides in these vital areas of nation building have stood you out as a creative, innovative and altruistic leader, who should be celebrated for your outstanding value addition to Nigeria and its citizens. Posterity will not forget your landmark contribution to Nigeria in particular and the society in general.”

Addressing the Vanguard delegation, which included its Business Editor, Emeka Anaeto, and Regional Editor (North) Soni Daniel, Robert said that he was happy for the recognition and the award. “I thank you for this award,” he said. “It means that you recognise and our hard work, and appreciate Zeetin’s contributions to the technological development and advancement of Nigeria by giving us this award.”

A Fellow of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (FNSE), Robert added that the award would serve as a tonic for him. “It will spur me into pursuing my passion for the technological development of Nigeria through precision engineering, innovations, making machines that make machines, and creating jobs.”

It will be recalled that Vanguard had last month published Robert’s name as one of the awardees to be honoured at its ‘VANGUARD'S PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR AWARDS 2021’ event to be held in Lagos at a yet-to-be announced date.

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